Need advice or maybe ask Xojo for a minor improvement

Dear developers and Xojo team,
I could use an “how to” advice, and maybe trigger Xojo’s team to make an insignificant improvement for the next release. In my professional applications I did had styles for labels that was making “inverted label” (black back, white text). It is not difficult to do that with custom control. I have added “BackgroundColor” property to that control, and using “Inspector behaveour” I have placed that property in desing, while in “opening” of that control I have added Me.Style.BackgroundColor = BackgroundColor

This is all working as expected in run mode. However, It is really difficult to design, as my white text on my white pages (required by users!!) is not shown, and the transparent labels exists - nowhere until clicked on it in desing mode.
Any advice, and can we expect further version of xojo to add BackgroundColor to labels - that will change in design mode as well (like text behaves now)?
Thank all for any suggestions.

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In addition - I do think that Backgound of the label is really essential property to be left out as “need to code it”.

To keep things easier to use in design mode, you might want to leave the Label’s Text Color as black in the Inspector and then change it to white at runtime in the Opening event:

Me.TextColor = Color.White
Me.Style.BackgroundColor = Me.BackgroundColor

Create a feature request using Xojo Issues.

That is a workaround, but still, the label in design is not colored, so one must make assesment regarding their width, as the full width will be in color. Thanks anyway.

I’m not aware a text width can depend on the colour of the text.

Width of the label. Not the text within.