Need a weblistbox work around

I’m needing a work around for bug in the weblistbox.

As an example of what I’m needing is to be able to have a weblistbox with a column count of 7 with the width of the weblistbox of 500, and the column widths of 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 0, * so that specific columns are visible on a small window but be able to display the last column when the windows is expanded by locking the edge of the weblistbox to the edge of the page. I don’t want the 6th column to display but I can if I need too. Documentation says (You should set the width of the last column to “*” and it will automatically take up the remaining width of the ListBox.)

Currently with Xojo 2016R4 and up, the IDE Crashes with the described example on Windows, on the MAC it crashes randomly.
I already have a feedback case on this, but I’m needing a workaround if possible.

Workaround Set your columnwidths in code in the open event of your Weblistbox

I’d also like to suggest that the sixth column with zero width… that you not do that. The data is still sent to the browser and any enterprising user could still see it. If you need this functionality, consider using a CellTag.