Need a stable build for 10.12 and 10.13

Hi Folks,

I have a scenario that requires that one of my apps be stable on the x86_64 10.12 and 10.13. The current packages that I build with 2022r2 result in odd hard crashes with no tracebacks. The same binaries on 10.15, 11, 12, and 13 run the same procedures with no issues.

I am building universal binaries if that needs to be considered.

What is the latest version of Xojo that is usable for building apps (API-1) that are stable on 10.12 and 10.13?

This sounds more like a declare using a non-existent API than it does a framework problem. I’ve been arguing that Xojo should set the minimum OS to what they actually claim to support, but have been getting pushback from a lot of folks who say the current version works as far back as 10.10.

Somewhere along the way, Apple decided to turn off the crash log reporting window by default. Have you looked for crash logs manually? They might have some vital information.

Pinging @Sam_Rowlands (he’s asleep now, give it some time) because he’s the expert on this whole declares and crash logs business.

The mid term, I GUESS, was 2019R3.2 (19r3.1 had a linker issue), have a try. I personally abandoned support to lower than 10.14 to avoid having 2 sources (code for 10.14+ and code for < 10.14)

I also don’t trust in any 2022 edition yet, I hope we can get something to call stable after the future r3.

As usual you have to do the hard work yourself. Unfortunately, we can’t read minds, yet.

Do you have something to test? Have you tried to narrow down the crashes? Are there really no crash logs? macOS Ventura, where I still can’t empty my trash, doesn’t show anything to the user but makes crash logs like crazy.

Are you talking to me or Tim?

I suspect that she is speaking to both of us :slight_smile:

I’ll ask one of the users reporting the silent crash to search. I’ll also build him a copy with 2019r3.2 and see if that sorts this out.

In this case, the opportunity is large enough to justify the dual build scenario. Luckily, I’m not using anything in my source that is dependent on the version of macOS running.

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The crash log would really help as it should hopefully contain information as to what may cause the crash.

Off the top of my head, you’re not using the Xojo search field are you? IIRC Xojo uses API which doesn’t exist on all versions of the macOS that support the search field and this can cause a crash. Yeah, I’ve feedbacked it, but you know.


Still waiting on one of the customers’ locating a crash log …

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