Need a realtime queue advise..for tcpsocket

a tcp connection received 50package per second,and each package has 100-300bytes…
touch I need to queue the package and send it to several threads to handle.

the queue I think redis/memecache, thus even when my program crash, I can recover all from the redis/memcache.

is there a better advise?

thank you.

as OS caches the packages and sends them async, you can simply feed them in a timer as needed to sockets.

sorry ,can’t catch your mean.
i did know the os will caches ,but when the application crashes,I want to reload everything back.

client save onedata to cache
client crash
client reboot
client load data from cache.

I used redis well,but want to find a better in xojo worlds.

do you mean:
Dim bundleFile As Folderitem
bundleFile = SpecialFolder.GetResource(“AppDatabase.sqlite”)

use something like this?

you can use a database to keep track of what was sent.

I just mean you call socket.write and the OS takes the buffer for delivery to other socket side in background.

I used sqlite before,and as it’s not multithread,and it’s a little slow.
thus I use redis .
now I am seeking a replacement for me in xojo…

not very sure the benchmark of sqlite 's update method in xojo ,most of the package will be “1000” per second in my application