Neat SQLite editor I found!

I’ve frequently been frustrated by the warts on the various DB editors available. I really like Sequel Pro for MySQL work, and wish that such a tool existed for SQLite that supported encrypted databases. SQLiteManager is pretty close, and is mostly the best tool out there… but I have a number of outstanding feature requests for it with Marco.

There have been several times I’ve just about thrown my hands up and started designing my own SQLite database editor / tool. If only I had a little more time…

Sounds like an open-source project… :slight_smile:

I love Navicat and have used it since before it was bought out and re badged. The original product was for mySQL, written by a company called Scibit back in 2004. It has come on a long way since then. A bug that has been present since back in early 2000 still hasnt been fixed but is worth noting as it will bite you at some point. All of the queries that you save within Navicat are specific to the database and if you rename the database for some reason then all of your saved queries vanish plus if you reinstall Navicat onto a different drive (e.g. after adding more disk space) the queries don’t go with the new install. I have sent numerous emails over the years asking them where the queries are held and they just don’t give me any response or provide a solution to the issue. Its not an issue for day to day stuff and is a great product but people need to be aware of this quirk.

Also worth noting that functions wont display on MS SQL in a shared hosting environment and gives an error when you try and access them.

I have been VERY happy with RazorSQL

I just quickly skimmed through the replies, so I apologize if I missed this already; however, anybody know of a SQLite editor that supports the encryption that’s used in Xojo (assuming it uses standard encryption)? All the ones I’ve tried comes back detecting an encrypted sqlite file created by Xojo as an unknown or protected file w/o any further options.

Pretty sure Valentina does.

I downloaded Valentina last night and tried it, and it appears it does not… unless I’m doing something wrong. I’ll post the exact message I get when attempting to open an encrypted sqlite file in just a minute.

I get the following:

“Unable to open database cidb.db3 - invalid file or access denied”

Works fine if I remove the encryption. Nothing else changes (still in same location, etc. so I doubt it’s an access issue).

Be aware that there are several encryption add ons for SQLITE and the one we use in Xojo is licensed from Dr Hipp.
That means that some db editors may support encryption but that may NOT be the same encryption used by Xojo.

SQLiteManager handles it, which is no surprise since it’s written in Xojo. I just tested to confirm.

I just tried RazorSQL - can confirm it does NOT support encrypted SQLite databases.