Neat SQLite editor I found!

I searched for a SQLite editor, and I found a pretty awesome looking one called Navicat. Haven’t tried it yet, but from the screen shots, I love the UX (User Experience) that it offers compared to others.

I would like to know what you use for SQLite and what your thoughts are on the one above.

I use Valentina Studio and SQLiteManager. The former is free, and the latter has a great interface. Between the two, I can do what I need.

I just recently went through a lot of testing of the different database tools out there. I need something that can handle multiple DB Vendors.

I found that Navicat is very expensive for the version which handles all the DB platforms. I also find the UI a little bit more clunky in that I, mainly, prefer to interact through writing SQL rather than relying heavily on the UI. Having said that, I know a lot of people use Navicat and are very, very happy.

I settled on Valentina Studio Pro (the paid version with extra functions)

I use Navicat on Windows and the Mac. A little pricey, but I find it easier to use than the others that I have tried. And that makes it work the cost in my opinion. I just have the SQLite version, haven’t tried it with other databases.

I own SQLiteManager, just never could get into the interface. Not sure what it was, it’s a great product, seems to built very well and UI is very consistent across screens. Just couldn’t get comfortable with it.

I’m of of those who happily uses Navicat.

I got the “Essentials” version, $20. It does what I need. I use it for SQLLite, Postgre, MySQL and SQL Server. For Oracle I started using Toad. (Newly available for Mac OS)

I do have issues with the UI changes they made with version 11 though.

Base is by far my favourite SQLite viewer/editor and doesn’t have some of the quirkiness of SQLiteManager’s interface, but it can’t open databases encrypted with the tools that Xojo provides.

You can’t use with Navicat encrypted DBs in Xojo or SQLiteManger (Bug in Navicat) !

hi tom and merv,

what did u found quirky in SQLiteManager??? what is wrong with the SQLiteManager interface??

I’ll copy and paste from the message that I sent to Marco Bambini:

First of all, it would be great if the app could remember the window position, window size and column sizes when it’s relaunched. It’s a little frustrating to have to resize it every time I launch it to be able to fit everything in and make use of my screen size.

In the dialog that asks for the database key when opening an encrypted database, it would be great if hitting Return or Enter would hit the OK button, rather than selecting the text I’ve just typed.

When switching between the Design and Data views, it would be great if the app could maintain the same column width for the list of tables. It would also be very helpful if it kept the same table selected, because most of the time I’m switching between the two I’m working with the same table.

Tom, which version of SQLiteManager did you used before?? i have both 3.9.1 and the 4.2.7??

i think all the suggestions is wonderful and would be a great help for us using it.

Does Base do all the above??

Base can’t open encrypted SQLite databases: that’s the only reason why I’ve stopped using it. The developer didn’t sound positive about the possibility of adding support for encrypted databases when I asked him about it ~a year ago.

so what r u using then?? for non encrypted db?

I use SQLiteStudio ( and it’s free.

SQLiteStudio can’t open encrypted DB either. But I just use Xojo’s SQLiteDatabase.Decrypt and when finished using SQLiteStudio, encrypt the DB back with SQLiteDatabase.Encrypt

+1 for Base.

Keep in my mind that I own SQLite Manager version 3.7.0 from 2011, so I haven’t used it in a while, things are likely different. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with the SQLite Manager interface. It’s just like every tool, design decisions are made and some people like them and some don’t. I find I can get to the actual data of my tables quicker and easier in Navicat. Double-click on a table and I am ready to work with it. I also like the Beautify SQL function in Navicat, helped me work out the logic of same complex queries I have to translate from am old Access database. I think Navicat makes very good use out of tabs within the program.

Again SQLite Manager is a quality product and probably does some things better than Navicat. I just found I was more at home in Navicat.

each of us will have a different app that seems “better” for ourselves. And I have many database tools I use (Navicat,SQLmanager, SQLVue, and many more). Each has their strengths and weaknesses.

There are times when Terminal + sqlite on the command line is exactly right :stuck_out_tongue:

yes it is.

Liya is an interesting Mac app that handles SQLite, MySQL and Postgres.

More here…

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