Nearing the end of a project

I always think my diet and health deteriorate rapidly in the last few days of a project, during the last push. I’m hoping to be done with this project for tomorrow evening so I’ve been fueling myself with all sorts of junk and caffeine, and spending far too long at the keyboard (I can feel the RSI returning).

Still, I have a nice beer waiting in the fridge for me, a little tradition I enjoy without fail whenever I send a project off to a client or submit to the App Store.

Do you have any end-of-project-traditions? (He asks, procrastinating).

I usually put slippery shoes on and then do the moon walk across my floor :slight_smile:

I always introduce myself to my wife (‘Hi… yes it’s me, the guy that was in a bad mood for the last couple of weeks, swearing behind the keyboard and staying up much too late’). Then I go for a refreshing run in the open, trying to free my mind from problems and stuff. And yes, there is a cold bottle of wine.

why punish yourself with wine ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I power off the computer and pledge to stay away for at least 15 minutes. I actually made it once :slight_smile:

Wine is God’s gift to man.

Not gift. It’s a Poison. :wink:
But when I read the “Gift” in German language, I understand. :slight_smile:

A nice fat invoice. :slight_smile:

[quote=100370:@Detlef Kahner]Not gift. It’s a Poison. :wink:
But when I read the “Gift” in German language, I understand. :)[/quote]
In Swedish. Gift = Poison…or married amongst other things :P. Quite funny :stuck_out_tongue:

We have a deadline on a current project due june 23!
It involves 3 different Linux console apps and WE app + PHP frontend.
We will most certenly celebrate somehow :wink:

I keep imagining how awesome it would be to complete my project and let in run in the wild.

I have probably been developing it for at least one and half years. But I know it will be awesome in my eyes when it is complete!

I keep imagining a vacation… But then the next project starts.

I forgot about the biggest tradition of all - thinking I’m near the end of a project before reality sets in. Looks like it will be a few more days for this one…

Have a short 3 day trip with my wife to thank you her patience and support. A gadget present if the project has been fury to relax a bit while new ones is in the fridge…

Not 100%, depends on project size but I do tend to follow it quite often.