NCase Build + The Latest Silverstone SFX PSU

Just thought I would post and see if anyone else has or is planning something similar.

I’ve been planning a second small build to use as a DB server and to handle one or two other tasks, but didnt want an enormous full ATX case sat under my desk.

Luckily I already have an ITX motherboard, which is the Asrock Z87E-ITX. This is a rock solid and very stable board. I also have a 4770S CPU, which has the lower TDP and a low profile fan cooler (Noctua NH-L9i). It is paired with 16Gb G.Skill Ram running at 2133 Mhz. Overall a great hardware combo that is silent during use.

I then strted looking at the NCase, which is a crowd funded ITX chassis that is very small and compact, and also very flexible. I received my V3 NCase just a few days ago and it looks incredible!

The next part of the jigsaw was the PSU. The NCase can handle a full ATX PSU, but its really geared towards SFX. After previous bad experiences with SFX (Mostly due to fan noise and coil whine) I was apprehensive. But then I found a brand new one made by Silverstone, which is the SX500-LG. It is SFX but extended a little so it can be built with a 120mm fan instead of the typical 80m fan you find on most SFX units. Its fan control is similar to some of the newer graphics cards in that it remains off until the power draw goes above a certain level. This should help massively towards keeping the build totally, or mostly silent.

I received the PSU this morning but have not built the system yet.

The final part of the system is the choice of graphics. Although I will be connecting it to a 1920*1200 monitor, I’ve never been a fan of Intel built-in graphics. Just not powerful enough for me. My options are an existing card I own, which is a GTX 650Ti Boost from MSI, the fans of which I have never heard to this day, or one of the ‘ITX’ graphics cards out there which are much shorter in lenth. I previously had the MSI GTX760 version, but it wasnt quiet enough so I got rid of it in the end.

At this moment in time, Im hoping my 650Ti Boost will fit in the case due to the fact Im using an SFX PSU and it should therefore leave enough room (I hope!).

Overall I have high hopes for this build though, and should be able to keep it silent, or near-silent.

Anybody else done a similar build ? Any experiences or recommendations to share ?