Navigator inconsistency

Sometimes you get messages saying ‘This name is aready in use’. (tested on Windows)

Message comes up if:

  1. Create a folder: ‘ABEvaluator’
  2. Create a class: ‘ABEvaluator’ -> message (does not matter if it is a child of the ‘ABEvaluator’ folder or not)


It is still possible to make if you do these steps:

  1. Create a class: ‘ABEvaluator’
  2. Create a folder: ‘ABEvaluator’ -> no problem

I would create a Feedback case, but it keeps crashing on me.

I create all folder with a trailing space so there is never a collision with any elements as spaces are not allowed for modules, classes, etc.

It probably should be allowed as folders are not addressed in code anywhere. Having said that, Eli’s recommendation is an effective and harmless workaround. I’d rather Xojo spend time elsewhere.

Agreed! I just thought if nobody mentioned this issue, it is only logical it will never be resolved…

and so will be the position (top of form) of an added item (drag and drop from Finder)…

and so…

But in Windows you surely can’t make a folder named with a trailing space? Win truncates it. Or is that just a trick - if so I’d say a bit dangerous.

In the IDE you can name a folder with a trailing space. In Windows use non breakable space Alt-0160.

I tend to use a trailing underscore, though. It is more visible.

[quote=193504:@Michel Bujardet]In the IDE you can name a folder with a trailing space. In Windows use non breakable space Alt-0160.

I tend to use a trailing underscore, though. It is more visible.[/quote]

The underscore makes sense: a trailing space of whatever sort sounds like a recipe for “why doesn’t this code work?”. And, should you not be using extensions? Personally I hate files without extensions, and virus checkers always regard them as worthy of inspection.

I do acknowledge that most Win users never change the folder option to see extensions “of known file types” but that sometimes makes things hard in cases when people call in asking why they can’t open email attachments. ( What is the file extension? Huh! )

In fact, I think many Win users are just plain dumb. :wink:

Only mentioning it on the forums and not reporting it in feedback is how to make sure it never gets addressed

This specific issue has already been reported

You are right @Norman Palardy , but as mentioned my feedback app keeps crashing itself so it can’t hurt to mention it.

But, as you report this case is already in it, consider this topic closed.

Feedback on what OS ?

On windows. Sometimes I can write a report partially. But then I get a fatal error. It happens during typing the report. it appears (to me, but not sure at all) like there is some ‘temporary’ save, because if I remember correctly I had cases that my report was partially saved. But I’m guessing here, as I don’t know how feedback works internally :slight_smile:

Its possible an old report is causing grief and feedback cant send it

Quit feedback
Quit the IDE
Remove any remnants in C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Xojo\Feedback\Reports

And make sure you download & install the latest

While we read the forums etc we don’t always remember whats written here and no one scans the forums looking for “bug reports”
Feedback IS the right thing to use

NOW IF feedback doesn’t work for you its hard to report a bug using it :stuck_out_tongue:
In that case certainly post something here either in a public or private post & we can then try & resolve the issue

But Feedback working for everyone IS actually important to us

Windows does not use extensions from folders. That said, anything is alright as long as it is consistent.

Ok, thanks @Norman Palardy! I’ll try your suggestions.

You can get folder with an ending space if you move data from OS X to Windows (because you do not saw it earlier).

I confirm that Windows (or more precisely the Windows user) does not like that.

On OS X, in List mode folders are displayed inside the item list, and so I use to place comments inside folder(s) name and I love it.

Unfortunately, by default, Windows (8.1) list all folders together and list all other items alphabetically.