Navigator Icons

Newbie. I cannot find a description of what the Navigator icons indicate. Not in any of the tutorials, on this forum, or in the Language Reference. What started me wondering is that I have a property for an integer that has the same icon-- a blue cube-- that its parent class uses. That made me realize that, while some icon’s purpose is obvious, others are not. Is there some place that describes them?

Correction: date, not int.

No, we don’t have a list of the Navigator icons. Generally, they are just helpful indicators and will show what you see in the Library for the control class that matches the type of the item in the Navigator. Primitive data types (Integer, String, Color, etc.) also have their own icons.

Date is a class so it shows the same blue icon that you would see for other non-UI classes that are defined as properties (such as FolderItem, for example).

Thanks, Paul. Glad I asked.