Navigation capture

Is it possible to capture the browser navigation to that the user doesn’t cause the whole app to reload if they press the back button?


So the best we can do is warn them to use the built-in button of the app and not the browser, since we can use the back/forward buttons to navigate the app itself?

Consistently across the major browsers, yeah, that’s the best you can do. I’m seeing more and more form based sites show such a dialog when users try to navigate away when they’ve filled in data and not submitted the form. This forum is a great example :-).

I am thinking I might be able to track where the user is and if the app reloads I could take them back to that same place & maybe post a message telling them to use the toolbar inside the app for navigation. hmm

Or you could show them how to set up a site-specific browser so there is no back button:

That is interesting, and may be useful in a future project. However my customer base is very ‘low-tech’. My App is replacing a Joomla site for a quilting video subscription service. And I am confident that anything past “login a watch video” would be to difficult for the user-ship. :wink:

You could use a cookie, but be careful. The EU countries have some recent laws about what you can put in them.

FluidApp looks pretty cool. Since the ConfirmMessage does not work in a mobile browser this would solve that problem.

Is there a Windows Phone version similar to FluidApp?


Well I was so excited … but this is for OSX not iOS :-((