Navigate thru the open file hierarchy

There is a Declare on macOS to do that and according to a knowledgeable person, none on WIndows.

This was running in background task in my brain since I read that until this idea comes to my mind: doing a workaround with pure Xojo to achieve (nearly) the same goal.

Here is the link to a project that demonstrates a way to do that on WIndows: Example Project

Note a: I tested it under Windows 10.

Note b: I do not tested it under any Linux flavor; feel free to do it and report your experience here (thanks)

Note c: I am not happy with the UI, but it works. Now, if you have a better UI, feel free to share it (thanks)

Of course, this works fine on macOS, useless, but works.

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Thank you Sam for the emoji idea.

BTW: I use a free sharing web service; the useful button (Download in white with a light blue background) is surrounded by advertisings…

What do you mean by what you wrote in the title? I have no idea what you talk about. Do you want your code to see which files are currently open, or do you want to the the USER do something (that’s what navigating usually means) or what?

Please give an example.

Isn’t the example project not enought ?

Nota: it is useless on macOS, but you will understand what I meant.

At last, I found the original macOS Declare:

#If TargetCocoa Declare Sub setTitleWithRepresentedFilename Lib "Cocoa" Selector "setTitleWithRepresentedFilename:" _ (NSWindow As Ptr, filePath As CFStringRef) setTitleWithRepresentedFilename(Ptr(Handle), f.NativePath) #EndIf

This deos not exists on Windows and the provided Project gives a “solution” to get the same “feature”. Just download the project and watch by yourself.

URL to the Example Project .

Is it clear now ?

PS: the project is 41KB, the older Xojo version I tried is 2015r1, and it works with.

Ah, you mean a Proxy Icon. You could also have said you wrote code to show the file’s name in the window title, along with its parent directories in a popup menu when clicking on the title (I assume that’s what your solution does).
It was also not clear that you’re not asking a question but offering a solution, at least not to me, until now. That’s why I asked - I thought you needed help.

Hi Thomas,

never write a Conversation when you are in a hurry !

Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you for the help attempt.