Native File system API for WebApps

Can XOJO Web app interact with the client file system ? As far as I searched about Native file system API it seems that chrome has that feature and some js code where you can interact with the client file system and save and access directly the files . Let’s say that this could he a huge advantage on the web apps if possible that would allow replacing native apps with Web apps that have more flexibility and more modern UI like than a desktop app in the same time removing the restrictions that you could have on one OS and not on another plus the flexibility of using a simple browser to do your job.

Unfortunately seeing the web changed totally is a good thing but in the same time I hope it will not enter In a frozen state again for the next 10 years as the previous one and we cannot use it for simple things.

I just hope this time it will be expanded fast and properly to a usable point.

So could we use that on WEB even with a js injection or something ?

Thanks in advance.


:smile: well I guess I got that answer from start.

So in the end the better question would be,

What you can do with a Web App ?

If you run a webapp on your pc and you are the client as well as the server then you can.

If the client is browsing your webapp from another computer/server then no.

well there are mixed installs, some on local some on remote, so I’ll have to find a api system I guess with a helper client to keep this in sync. but I guess more complicated than it seems.