Name That Kitten

I have been “persuaded” to get a kitten for our kids, as it was preferable to their first choice of an otter.

Now the family is on the brink of total collapse as we try and name it. I’m counting on you lot.

It’s a male Bengal cross, with beautiful spotty fur. Just coming up to 8 weeks old.

Please be quick. My nerves are nearly shot …


(Kit’n Kaboodle)

Richard S

Casimir, or a bit more pompous: Kasimir.

Cats will almost always tell you their own name after a while. Just add “cat” to the back of it and you are ready to go. Remember, dogs have owners, cats have staff…

Have you thought about simple names? Ben or Benji? Don’t forget to add “cat” to it - Ben Cat or Benji Cat! Unless of course, you have a son named Ben or Benji. :wink:


Maxwell Silverhammer

Kids favourites so far are :

My favourites so far are :
Captain Correlli
Mr Meanor
Jeremy Baumgardner

in that case it should be named…

“That Damn”

Tarquin Wylie the 3rd, Esquire.

My 5 year old suggests Carlos.

Although I might add that her first suggestion was Alyssa :slight_smile:

Awesome! Highest compliment a 5 year can give!

I’ll throw in a vote for Tigger, a good name for a Bengal. At least that’s the opinion of this dog lover :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who contributes. All these (and any more that come) are going on a list stuck to the fridge.

We’ll have a massive bun fight the day before we pick him up (a week next Saturday) to decide.

Go against the grain and call him Spot. He’ll ignore you no matter what…




Dim Sum if it’s a Chinese breed

Dim and Redimmer - if you have pair of cats

… I’ll just get my coat…


Pomp. Then when you realize that the kitten needs another one to play with, you can name it Circumstance.

Rover. Rover the genetically-confused cat.

Dogs > Cats.

I’d go for either Mayhem or Havoc.

Of course you could go with something that designates where you got him; like Alley or Garage or Shoppe.

Your Majesty is probably his preference.

We like to name cats based on personality.

Our first two kittens (which caused destruction everywhere they went) were named “Taz” and “Mania”.

The next two were relatively uninteresting… Momma and Blackie.

Our current ones are Moo (he’s big, fat and white with black spots) , Slash (who communicates with his teeth and claws), and Loki (goddess of mischief).