Mysterious Menu Items

In the IDE for my app, I have defined 4 menu items to go under the Edit Menu in my menu bar (copy, paste, etc.,). I do not have a menu item called “Start Dictation” or “Emoji & Symbols”. However, in the runtime environment, These two menu items appear under the Edit Menu.
How do I prevent them from showing up when they do not exist in the IDE (as far as I can tell)?
Thank you.

You don’t unfortunatly… OSX/macOS adds certain menu items that APPLE deemed more important that your UI design

But I have other apps I have built that do not suffer from this problem.

… and if you have another language than english, they don’t appear even if you want them ! (xojo bug for this one)

Dictation and Symbols are not problems. The apps that don’t show these menus are suffering a problem.

Dictation lets people who have difficulty with motor control enter text into your app.
Symbols allows power users to enter special characters (emoji just happens to be bundled in there.)


Have you seen applications created in, say 2016-2017, that do not have these MenuItems ?

Also, are these MenuItems adding bugs to your application ?

Usually, when I see these kind of things (like the Help Menu filled with a Search entry), I start searching what happens with the other applications I have on my hard disk.

The following isn’t fully tested…
I think that if the edit menu is called EditMenu, macOS will add these items. If you call the edit menu something else, they won’t appear.

That sounds about right
Be careful about the edit menu items like EditCut , EditCopy , etc as certain controls handling of cut copy paste etc relies on those items being named EditCut, and so on