mySQLCommunityServer with mySQL 8 and SHA256 Hashed Passwords

I am trying to connect to a mySQL 8 Server which uses SHA256 Hashed Passwords using a Key and a Certificate File.
In the past i connected to the same Server but it used the old Password Format and was below mySQL Version 8, also using a Key and a Certificate File, without any issues.

Now with the updated Server i always get an Access Denied (using Password Yes) error 1045 (28000).

Is the Xojo 2019 R3.1 mySQLCommunityServer Plugin able to connect to mySQL 8 Servers using SHA256 Hashed Passwords?

Using Valentina Studio 10 i see the same error. So, can i safely assume that it’s not my Code or our mySQLCommunityServer Plugin, at this point?

@Eric Bloom answered this with Yes. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is!

Server Admin found a misconfiguration and now my Code works fine again. Now using mySQL 8, hashed Passwords on TLS 1.0 and 1.2. :slight_smile: