Mysqlcommunityserver SSLMode

I am trying to setup a secure connection using the mysqlcommunityserver plugin… but keep getting an error on the SSLMode = True line… I keep getting an ‘item does not exist error’, and I get that same error for the SSLKey line as well.

license.SSLMode = True
Dim keyFile As FolderItem
keyFile = GetFolderItem(“pmpublic.pem”)
license.SSLKey = keyFile

Try setting the file first. Also, try setting the Authority (or whatever that property is called) instead of the SSLKey.

Ok, figured part of it out… you have to dim the database as DIm database as New MysqlCommunityServer or it will not allow the SSL mode…
For example, I have a database dimensioned as a global database. so, when I open it in the opening statement I use database = New MsyqlCommunityServer and the SSL statement no longer works…

SO… my problem is this:
I need the database to be available on a global basis, how do I get the global database to allow the SSL mode?

Is the global propery of type MySQLCommunityServer? If not, then you need to CAST it (see the documentation) to the correct type.

if license IsA MySQLCommunityServer then
    MySQLCommunityServer(license).SSLKey = keyFile

Thanks Tim! I had set that up when I was just starting and had the global type as just a database… changing it to the mysqlcommunityerserver type fixed the problem!

Just curious, is there a way to be sure it is connecting using the security features and not just making an un-secured connection?