MySQLCommunityServer plugin compatibility with MySQL 4

Hi, I want to upgrade a RS 2011r3 app to the latest version of Xojo. The client runs a MySQL 4 database server. The old ‘MySQL Plugin.rbx’ plugin is not compatible with Xojo.

Can anyone tell me if the Xojo-compatible MySQLCommunityServer plugin is compatible with MySQL 4 databases? I understand there are some encryption differences, but I am not interested in that. My concern is for non-encrypted database access and updates.

I could of course upgrade the database but there are other timing issues to consider, and I would like to simply use the MySQLCommunityServer plugin if this works, for now. Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.

With MBS Plugin you can provide your own version of the MySQL library (as DLL/Dylib/so file) and use it.
This way you can use older/newer versions.

Thanks Christian, I will look into that possibility.

You could download and try it yourself. You don’t need a license to Run your code in Xojo, just to build it.