MySQLCommunityServer Connection on Windows

Hi and good evening
I try to establish a connection to a MySQLCommunityServer in a desktop app (Xojo 2016R3) on Windows 8 and Mac 10.12.1. On Mac the following code works properly but on Windows there ist an error message: SSL connection error: unknown error number. Here is the code I used:
Dim db As New MySQLCommunityServer
db.Host = “…”
db.Port = 3306
db.DatabaseName = “…r”
db.UserName = “…”
db.Password = “…”
If db.Connect Then
MsgBox “Connected!”
// Connection error
End If

Can someone give me a hint, how to succeed on Windows as well?
Thanks for help,
best wishes, Mike

I use almost identical code in a Windows app except db is a property of the app, not the method. If both your Windows and Mac apps are accessing the same database on a network, your problem is likely a typo in one of the property values you set. If MySQLServer is running on your Windows machine, the problem may be the way it is configured.

When db is a property of the method, the connection is lost as soon as the method completes, but it sounds like you are not getting the MsgBox to show “Connected.”

Hi Dean
thanks for your answer and your help! Yes, I don’t get the message “connected”, that’s exactly the problem. Normally I use db as a property of the app, too. But to show the problem I didn’t do that.
The problem seems to concern windows firewall, because my project worked well on my old System. Now I’ve got a new iMac with Parallels Desktop and Windows 8 and it doesn’t connect. On my old iMac with Parallels and Windows 8 it worked, so it won’t be a bug. Because I’m a Mac-user, I can’t find the correct settings allow data-transfer over port 3306. Do you have any idea what settings I have to chose? I know, this isn’t a real Xojo topic… Perhaps I can get help, I hope.

Have a good day!

Even if I turn off the firewall, it doesn’t work…