MySQL vs SqlLite in a web application

We ran into a lot of problems using sqllite in a web application. Particularly when the web application had A lot of writing to the database. As a result almost all of our work is now done using Mysql.

I have looked at the Eddie’s electronics example (which uses SQLite) and it seems adequate for Applications that use the data basically to display data.

I should probably just stick to MySql rather than fool around with SQLlite.

I sure would like to hear arguments in either direction of use the database in a web application.

That’s interesting. We’re using SQLite in a Web Edition accounting application (lots of reads/writes/queries) and have had zero problems. I know others are using SQLite with no issues too.

Were you doing transactions?

I’d suggest using PostgreSQL for commercial applications that want a solid and truly free database

mysql isn’t free for commercial use - and postgresql is a better db IMHO

If you’re facing problem with read/writtes, definitely you could compare strenght points of each DB next.

There is many comparing tools/reviews out there that will help pointing each DB’s own strenght or specific use.
i.e. :
just one of them.

…I agree with Norman about Pgs and would only consider using Mysql Db for relatively small DB project/traffic although many ppl use it for their client’s production website.

  • adding transactions.

Just out of curiosity, how do you handle database connection. Do you have a single connection for the whole web app, or a connection instance by Session ?

Each session has its own connection. Because we can also do something without a session (handle special url, for example, and some email processing) the application also has its own connection. If the session connection is available we use it, otherwise we use the application connection.