MySql vs Postgress

Is it a major job to convert a large app to Postgres? I keep hearing how good it is.

Are there any white papers regarding this?


Off the top of my head, aside from having to rewrite any functions and triggers, the parameters of a prepared statement are different. If memory serves, MySQL uses “?” while PSQL uses “$1, $2, etc.”.

I’ve never had to do it, but I don’t think it would be trivial. But given some of PostgreSQL’s niceties, it might be worth it.

I think it depends on what all you’ve done with MySQL. I don’t know of any white papers, though.

Some useful info here -

And here - pgloader seems to be one of the best migration tools for handling this process.

The biggest pain I had with MySQL -> PostgreSQL was column names. In MySQL, I had a lot of camelCase column names. Various client code environments (this was quite a while ago so I forget which ones, but I believe Xojo was one of them) did not do well with that; somewhere along the information superhighway the camelCase queries got set to all lowercase and PostgreSQL complained about missing columns. There might be a setting to change that behavior but at the time I couldn’t find it. I wound up changing all my columnNames to column_names, in the database and in the code. That solved the problem, and to this day I never use camelCase in column names, even in MySQL.


A few years ago I wrote a class which has the same interface from outside and encapsulates all the differences. I would just have to change the connection parameters to move from MySQL to PG.