MySQL TEXT datatype in a WebListBox

Hi, i’m new to Xojo.
I need to know if there’s a way to add a column from a MySQL TEXT datatype in a WebListBox.
Allways crash with the exception:

Unhandled RuntimeException
Message: Encountered invalid character.

The code i’m using is:

    If rsData <> Nil Then
      While not rsData.EOF
        grdQyR.AddRow( rsData.Field("QYR_ID").StringValue, _
           rsData.Field("QYR_FECHA").StringValue, _
           rsData.Field("QYR_ASOCIADO").StringValue, _
           rsData.Field("QYR_DESCRIPCION").StringValue )                            <--- This field is TEXT datatype in the MySQL table
      MsgBox( "RecordSet vacio" )
    End If
    MsgBox( "No estas conectado" )
  End If

Thanks in advance

And what exactly is the issue?
a runtime error?
the wrong results returned?

And how is that last field different from the others (as far as mySQL is concerned) [ie. what is the table schema]?

Probably one of the fields contains a bad (ie. invisible) character that breaks the javascript sent to the browser.
I’d suggest the following procedure to find the suspect:
Don’t use AddRow directly with the values from the recordset because that’s hard to debug. Instead, DIM the variables first and assign the values from the recordset to them, then use the variables with AddRow. That way, you can set breakpoints and look into the values of the variables. Maybe you can identify the bad character there. Otherwise, consider writing the values to a textarea, a log file or the debuglog to see what gets sent to the browser.

bad character encoding. you must convertencoding from ??? to utf8 before displaying it for sure