MySQL support for iOS?

Do we have any functionality yet in iOS to communicate with a MySQL db on a server? I found another post from about a year ago which was suggesting to use PHP for this purpose but was hoping for something built in or something we can work with with what we have so far

not directly no
you’d need to talk to some back end service preferably via https etc that can then attach to a db and do whatever you need

In general, iOS and other mobile devices do not want you to create 2-tier apps that directly connect to database servers. This can also be a good technique for non-mobile apps as well.

At least on mobile, you will be better served (pun intended) by created a middle layer based on HTTP. Your iOS app connects to the middle layer and the middle layer connects to the MySQL (or any) database. This is a “web service”, which you can read more about here: Web Services

There are also at least two topics about this on the XDC Session List.

Thank you for the replies! I am checking out the videos now Paul thanks!

The MBS Xojo Encryption Kit comes with a connector example. A little proxy app to pass through requests from iOS to database.