MySQL SSL stuff

In an app I’ve taken over, the developer created an SSH tunnel and connected through that, and it works fine on Windows and worked fine until Yosemite. I’m trying to figure out why he didn’t use the native properties instead, and suspect they didn’t exist at the time.

Can anyone shed light on when those were introduced? Can anyone confirm that they work in Yosemite?

Hi Kem - Probably because setting up SSL can be a bit daunting (making the certs, etc.) for some people?

I can verify that a Xojo app compiled with latest version, that uses SSL to connect a remote MySQL server works fine on Yosemite (connects securely, is performs fine).


It looks like the MySQL SSL stuff was introduced in 2012r2.

Thank you both.

I’ve started a new, related topic to get help and information in setting up the properties. @Anthony Dellos, I hope you can share your experience there.