MySQL server declaration broken? 2020r2

The line of code is as follows:

Var db As New MySQLCommunityServer

And for some reason it stopped working?

I get a “can’t find a type with this name” error. :thinking:

Do you have the plugin installed? I don’t think that one is installed by default.

Figured it out. One or more of the MBS plugins - except for the main and the cURL plugins - break the MySQLCommunityServer declaration somehow.

It would take me … a while … to sort which ones break it and which ones don’t break it.

I do have the plugin installed, it’s one or more MBS ones that conflict somehow.

Could you let Christian know so that he can investigate it?


Windows has a limit about how many DLLs it can load.

So you may not be able to put 50 plugins in the plugins folder.
Pick those you need.

Thanks for the heads-up. I pared down my plugins to MCS cURL and MBS Main and it works.

I removed the Xojo database plugins other than MySQLCommunityServer, too.

DB code now works very well.