MySql / MariaDB

Xojo Cloud runs MariaDB.
SELECT VERSION(); returns: 5.5.56-MariaDB

I like to keep my development machine (mac) running the same version of the DB as the production environment (Xojo Cloud).

When I go to the Maria DB page: . There is no Mac version.

What version of which DB is best to install on the development Mac?

Jay, you can get the source and try to compile on your Mac:

Or you can download version 10.12.16 from (it say is for Mac 10.13)

Edit: I don’t have experience with this

Alberto – Thanks for looking. ( Gotta love the Xojo community)

But when you try to get the matching version (5.5.56) it is not available.

When you get close 5.5.6 the Mac Build is not available.

As for Building by source…Ill need some hand holding, but Ill try to see if i can do that.

@Greg O’Lone Your thoughts?