MySQL malformed packet

I beg your pardon,I can speak english,but a little.

I’m developing WebApp on Xojo 2016R2 and R2.1
However,Error ‘malformed packet’ occured from MySQL server then open.
Previously it did not occur such that, Ex. Xojo 2015.

Happen on Windows standalone webApp.
Not occur on Mac.

Target server is MySQL 5.1.73 CommunityServer on CentOS6.

Please help me.

Session.FJPROdbHundle= New MySQLCommunityServer = “*****”
Session.FJPROdbHundle.port = 3306
Session.FJPROdbHundle.databaseName= “sample_db_01”
Session.FJPROdbHundle.Password = “password”
Session.FJPROdbHundle.TimeOut = 60
Session.FJPROdbHundle.SecureAuth = false
Session.FJPROdbHundle.Connect <<<----- Happen ‘malformed packet’

Try updating MySQL to latest version, you are running a version from almost September 2013.

Some malformed packet errors were fixed in 5.6.25, 5.7.8, 5.8.0 changelogs.

Thank you,your advice.

I tried update for 5.7.19

But,no change…