MySQL issue

How can I trust the MySQL database engine ?
I defined column ‘status’ may not be Null and as everybody can see, I could commit the instertion of a new records without giving any value for ‘status’. I expect a database error given back to me. BTW it’s not a problem with Xojo database connection, it seems to be MySQL itself.

you realize you have posted this THREE times now?

O did I. Problem was the forum which was not responding for at least 5 minutes, so I clicked ‘try again’

Is your mysql server operating in “strict” mode? It can be relaxed to the point where it looks a lot like sqlite: “I don’t care what you do, I’m not going to error out.”

The hardcore Postgres types would answer, “You can’t.”

Hi @Scott Griffitts , for a new project I was just moving to PostgreSQL anyway.

This is MySQL’s correct behavior if strict mode is not turned on. See Constraints on Invalid Data

Thank you @Eli Ott - I see, this is the situation.