MySQL Community connection issues in 2013 r3.2

I updated my XOJO from 2013 r3.1 to r3.2 and now my code no longer connects to the server. Even if I compile or debug the code it still just hangs and I get no reponces or flow of queries running. Did something change in the latest build? When I rebuild or debug back in 2013 r3.1 everything is fine.

Connect Method
Sets a global dbConnect that allows the app to run a query

'prints a message to the console
  print("Connecting to database..."+db.DatabaseName+"@"+db.Host)
  If db.Connect Then
    dbConnected = true
    return true
    MsgBox "globalMySQLServer: Connection to database failed!"
    dbConnected = false
    return false
  End If

Query Method
Because I cannot debug the code it seems like the built code is hanging in the portion because none of the console message are printed.

  db = New MySQLCommunityServer
  if dbConnect then
    'Proceed with DB operations
    // Now we select the records from the database and add them to the list.
    Dim rs As RecordSet
    rs = db.SQLSelect(SqlQuery)
    'Diagnostic Message print to Console
    if db.Error = true then
      print("rtSQL:Error (" + str(db.ErrorCode) + ") Message: " + db.ErrorMessage + ". Trying to reconnect...")
    end if
    if db.Error = false then
      'Diagnostic Message print to Console
      print("  [Records="+str(rs.RecordCount)+"]")
      if rs.RecordCount > 0 then
        return rs
        'MsgBox "rtSQL.dbQuery (" + SqlQuery + ") returned no results!"
        return nil
      end if
    end if
    print "rtSQL:Error dbConnect = false, query not executed...!"
  end if

The code just hangs here in 2013 r3.2 but works in 2013 r3.1

Place the MySQL plugin from 3.1 into 3.2 and see if that fixes your problem.

Hi @Greg O’Lone the binary file of the plugins are exactly the same. Replacing it did not make a difference. I’ll try and break it down to a simple application and see if I get the same results unless you can think of something different. Thanks…

Hello. That’s exactly my problem

I think this version (release 2013 3.2) was not yet ready. I’m back to 2013 r3.1

Hi @Victor Enrique Mendoza Eskola thaks. Now at least I know I am not alone.

I’m also switching back to 2013r3.1 for the moment.

It’s an my problem too !

This should be fixed in Xojo 2013r3.3, which was release yesterday.

Thanks @Paul Lefebvre

@Paul Lefebvre ,It is worse now than before. When i run/debug a WebApp I get a dialog “Do you want to continue waiting for your application to launch? You app has failed to launch…bla.bla… [Continue Waiting] [Cancel]”

It does not launch the default browser anymore and also the XOJO sometime just stops working and closes down now.

I’ll play some more to see if I can generate a proper bug report. But this release is not looking good for me. I’ll have to keep working in 2013R3.1

I just to add also that when I compile and run the app in Console mode It executes but my browser does not connect to it anymore so something major is going on.

ps. Would just like to add too that I’m building and debugging in Windows 8.1 Pro - 64Bit. I upgraded earlier this week. I’m just mentioning this incase it is important. It is typical of microsoft to provide a 3.7Gig download to add a start button to the taskbar punn intended. So who knows what else they changed.

Whats the chances that the firewall blocked the debug app from starting ?
We’ve seen Windows firewall & certain anti-virus programs block this before

Shees, @Paul Lefebvre and @Norman Palardy I found the problem. There I go blaming poor Bill. It seems I have taught my self some nasty skills like adding a stdin.Readline to the App.Open method. So lets just say @Norman Palardy I’m my own worst Firewall it seems. At some stage I added code to do extra debugging and this was leftover from about 2 days ago.

To be blunt “IT is now working PERFECTLY!” ;-). My Community MySQL queries are running again and the app is happy about it in debug- and console-mode. Still need to test a live one on the server.

Thanks for fixing the issue.!!!

thanks great job !