MyCommunitySQL to CubeSQL ?

Does anyone have suggestions on how to convert the data in an online MyCommunitySQL database to CubeSQL?

I’m considering moving my web site and it’s databases and Xojo web apps to 1701 Software, and I’m thinking of using their CubeSQL server instead of mySQL.


  • John

depending on what you need to do (number to tables, complication of the setup, foreign keys, etc etc etc), you could write a (relatively) simple Xojo app that connects to both MySQL and cubeSQL, reading the data from MySQL and writing it to cubeSQL.

Or if you have Navicat Pro (or Premium or whatever it is called), can connect to MySQL, and “export” the data, then using the export file to “import” it to a SQLite database. Then do a SQL Export from SQLite database to a file that you insert/import into cubeSQL.

and there is probably a dozen other ways to do it that I am not thinking of tonight,

the SQL in MySQL and cubeSQL (SQLIte) aren’t the exact same. Close but no the same. or it would be easier.

I used Navicat Premium in order to move data between MySQL and SQLite. Remember, CubeSQL is just an SQLite database file which you can then upload to a cubesql server with cubeSQLAdmin.

Navicat does a good job also when it comes to encodings. You want UTF-8 in Xojo and CubeSQLServer

I looked at Navicat Premium, but the $$ were too much for what will hopefully be a one-time job.

I’ll probably do as Scott suggested and write a utility to do it. Since I have the code that created the MySQL databases, it should be a relatively straightforward bit of code.


I’ve used SQLITEConverter from SQLABS before…the same people that make CUBESQL

Unfortunately, SQLITEConverter doesn’t appear to convert mySQL databases…:frowning:

it converts MYSQL, PostgresSQL, Oracle and any ODBC…I use it to convert MYSQL all the time…

Might want to have a look at Liya. I don’t do much SQLite work, but it seemed adequate when I used it.

From the web page:

And it’s free…

I forgot about the converter. that app does rock.


I use it often

I just gave SQLITEConverter a real-world test and it passed with flying colors, opened and converted my three databases incredibly quickly and accurately.

Thanks for the suggestion!

  • John