MyCommerce replacement

Some of the on-boarding is automated and frankly annoying. But I’d still recommend them.

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I had the same problem. They said “not enough transactions”. I am using it for CAPP only (yet)

I do not understand why my entry in their database costs them money. And even if they would have offered keeping my entry for a small fee I would have agreed. So finally I switched to Gumroad now:

I found it because several other software distributors are using it. I compared with others (also with Paddle) and decided to go with them. We will see how long this will last.

Hope I could help with this.


Off topic, I had this conversation with the RAC (a UK recovery service) recently.
In addition to doubling this years membership fee, they wanted £60 admin fee: essentially a fee to NOT tell their computer to stop the cover. i.e a fee to literally have no human do any work

I like Gumroad and had a great conversation with their team. Unfortunately for us, they only pay via PayPal, which our accounting firm told us we cannot use due to our business type.
Fastspring pays via bank transfer/wire which our accountant was happy with, Fastspring even even have some of the peeps from eSellerate working there, it was a bit of a surprise, but nice that they already knew who I was when signing up.

+1 to Gumroad, isn’t just a payment processor but they have also licenses, newsletters and several ways to promote your app, including affiliates.

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Do they also do payouts in eur (like Paddle does)? Fast Spring for example doesn’t.

Why has no one mentioned Stripe?

Stripe is a payment processor only and not really a product sales system the way FastSpring and Gumroad are. It doesn’t offer the features someone looking to replace MyCommerce would be looking for.

That’s not to say they are bad. I use Stripe for business invoicing.


Eh, Stripe Checkout does a lot of the job. You add products to your dashboard, set pricing, stuff like that. But you have to handle the shopping cart portion. My big complaint with Stripe is their handling of taxes. If you want taxes handled, you have to sign up for Stripe Tax for an additional 0.5% of every transaction. That’s not a terrible amount, but it’s not nothing for a feature most people would consider a normal built-in feature. On top of that, allowing taxes to be handled by Stripe Checkout requires disabling Apple Pay and Google Pay.

I like Stripe, I use Stripe, but I didn’t feel it was a good recommendation for this conversation.

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From what I’ve read Stripe Tax tells you how much tax and who to file with, whereas Paddle, Fastspring etc collects the amount and remits it to the relevant tax authority.

Correct, though Stripe Check will collect tax for you if you are signed up for Stripe Tax, your products are setup for it, and your cart starts the checkout process with automatic tax enabled. You still need to pay the taxes yourself.

Therein lies the rub. That’s a heavy lift having to file as needed in many jurisdictions. That and chances are many of us will fall below the threshold in many states (I can’t comment on countries really) so Stripe Tax may collect a few % from a customer in Kentucky, yet you may not need to file etc. What a mess…

Well not exactly. While you’ll pay the 0.5% to Stripe on every transaction, they will NOT collect tax from a jurisdiction you have not registered for. It will also monitor your transactions to see where you have a responsibility to file.

Heh, figures. I just got an email from Stripe that tomorrow the tax pricing is changing to 0.5% on transactions that collect tax, rather than every transaction. That’s definitely nicer.

Out of curiosity have you successfully integrated Stripe with a Xojo listener or do you use another language to process notifications / fulfillment?

No, I use a php script to handle my webhooks from Stripe.

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