MyCommerce replacement

MyCommerce is closing down my account and I need a replacement for low volume web sales. Any suggestions?


I’m using Fastspring which is easy to set up. Check out mentions of Paddle here in the forum. The easiest solution might be a “PayPal button”.

Why is myCommerce closing your account?


FastSpring is also available, but US based.

MyCommerce has the advantage to not convert Euro → USD, thus saving an European located developers extra conversion fees.

Paddle has caused both myself and Sam a lot of trouble. I would recommend against Paddle if at all possible.


Of what kind?
PM if you want to keep things confidential - I was considering Paddle for a project myself but Im not sure they do things right…

I discontinued paddle as they couldn’t have clients enter name and address upfront.

Only email as identifier may be okay for a $5 app, but not for something serious where you need a proper invoice.

They demanded personal information unrelated to business operations (i.e. my ethnicity). I suspect that information is illegal to ask for. I don’t support racism and promptly left.

FastSpring has fantastic to me, even when I’m having a bad day and send sometimes blunt emails. For software sales I recommend them. I even wrote a web app that integrates with their services and Xojo, acting as a DRM.


I was considering Paddle for ‘drive by sales’ too. Will think against now.

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The world has two views on this now: obtain ethnicity in an attempt to defuse accusations of bias in business dealings, versus GDPR - ‘only store what you need to do business with’
And ethnicity is definitely nothing to do with that.
Ive had accounts with Paddle - easy to set up, and inexpensive
However the VAT shirtshow of 2015 (VATMOSS) whereby selling software had to adhere to rules that meant every unique EU country got its own VAT even if your own company isnt VAT registered - really messed things up for using payment processors.

FastSpring handles all that by being a B2B service… they deal with all the VAT rubbish and I only sell ‘to’ them.
But my goodness, they charge for it…
I have to say that (money aside) , Ive used them for years with very very few issues.

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They didn’t really explain, all they said was ‘unfortunately we can no longer support my account?’ I just assumed my volume was too low :frowning:

I don’t mind sharing, I was with Paddle ever since eSellerate went kaput, I had a great relationship with them, they even made changes to their system to better suit my needs all the while their costs were cheap.

Then last year (or the year before), they suddenly told me that they need to verify I am who I say I am… After at least 7 or 8 years of doing business with them, which is weird but okay. Except they need me to upload this information to a 3rd party “clearing” house, they point blank refused to do it themselves.

They originally wanted company documents, our lawyer said not to do it. If the clearing house leaks of sells that info, and fraud is committed using those docs, I am responsible.

I submit my drivers license, as the clearing house claims to accept licenses from Taiwan.
3 Months go by and suddenly I’m told on a Friday night that Paddle can no longer do business with me and I have 48 hours to migrate my business to another service.

I reminded them to adhere to their contract, which meant that legally I had 30 days to migrate, there was kick back over that too as they threatened to refund all my customers instead.

They went from caring about small guys like us, to trying to get rid of us.

For EU developers, there is no good alternative other then Paddle, unless you don’t mind the monetary conversion of US dollars to EU is not important to you.
But in many cases it is which results in less net income.

Paddle is imo still the best for EU devs. I’m using them for over 7 years without any issues. If you have a valid registered company VAT, there are no problems with them to verify if you are legit or not.

I also have had good experiences with Paddle

My experience is the same as Tim’s and Sam’s description. I used the services of Paddle for a few years until they asked me to provide them with a photo of my passport, one of me and other confidential information. All this so that an AI software from a third-party company compares my documents and decides if I am me or not! My lawyer also strongly advised me not to send these documents.
I explained this to Paddle and asked them for another solution to identify me. The answer was the immediate blocking of my account and the refusal to payout my last balance if I did not send them this information… Great one way relationship!
Luckily for me, the last balance wasn’t too high.

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+1 for FastSpring. My desktop app has been with them for a few years now. Not a lot of money. Only issue I had was when they migrated to a some new payment processing my payment balance was reset to $100 min, one email and back to my old pattern. No real complaints. Set and forget.

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It is illegal for them to with hold money from you unless it was in the contract.

Thought I would try FastSpring first so I got my account, added some products to a store then tried to activate the account but the activation email link keeps coming up with a Wrong Link error. I tried contacting support and they just sent an email that said add some products. Any suggestions?

Whats a ‘wrong link’ error?
http 404 ‘not found’, or some page in fastSpring that has an error message?

The link I click on from their activation email goes to a page that says ‘Wrong Link’ as though I received the link before the Store has been evaluated. I sent another help request and will wait and see what comes back. I found the store setup easy but I was expecting bank details and id verification which I couldn’t find. Maybe they have to evaluate the info I have entered so far??

Interesting that their second followup reply was to start adding some products, but I have already put 5 in the store?

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