MyCommerce API in pure Xojo?

I am currently using MyCommerce for processing some payments. I am wondering if anyone has already created code to call these APIs. I’m looking for something I can drop in to a Xojo project so I can call the APIs more simply from my code.

If nobody has already created a wrapper to call these APIs, then is anyone interested to do this as a contract with me? If you’re interested in a contract, please contact me with a direct message.

Some of my main goals are to incorporate these APIs into my Xojo Cloud project so that I can do things like automate the fetching of recent orders and populating my customer database, etc. I’d also like to provide automated serial number lookup for customers, and things like that.

An alternative could be that someone has built a fairly simple “REST” wrapper that wouldn’t be too hard to configure for these API calls. I’m open to that as well.

I can’t help with the API, but I can give you a warning about Digital River, in the past they have shut down various payment services, so whatever you do, make sure you roll your own order tracking system so that when they shut down whatever it is called now, there is still a way for you and your customers to access records and serial numbers.

Same goes for their activation system, avoid it and use your own.

Yeah, they already moved me from eSellerate to MyCommerce. I already had the web hooks setup for eSellerate, but now I’ve got to start over with the new MyCommerce API. I could complain about it, but it seems that wouldn’t fix it. If you’ve got a Xojo-based system you want to tell me about, I’m all ears.

Lol… I wouldn’t recommend the system I wrote, besides it was made in Web 1.0… So it has no future any more. I’m considering re-writing it in php instead.

I seem to recall that @Tim_Parnell might have something…

I think @Sam_Rowlands is referring to this:


I am using Paddle for over 8 years now. Never had one issue with them although Sam with protest here :wink:

Yup, I did. I was with Paddle from the start, I was really happy with them too. They listened to me and made changes to their system to better suit my needs. They were very accommodating and friendly, until they got funding.

I think it was after 8 years, they decided they needed to validate my company and I must send documents to some sketchy 3rd party. I protested, but gave in. 3 months later on a Friday afternoon, they informed me I had 48 hours to move my business.

I had to send my contract to their CEO to get them to honor the contract terms of providing 30 days notice.

So you wanna be careful with Paddle, they have proven that they’re willing to disregard their own contract and to play mind games when doing so.

I then moved to Fastspring and now have a pretty good relationship with them.

I know of several developers (of various sizes) who’ve left Paddle in recent years because of the way Paddle treats its customers, it’s been good business for FastSpring.

EDIT: The main takeaway from this, is make sure you have registration/activation system that is NOT tied to a specific payment handler. I’ve been with 4 different companies since the 1990s (two no longer exist).

I started taking credit cards back in 1998. I got all sorts of rejection, mainly because merchant services want the money, not the risk.

Then in 2001, I switched to Paypal. I never looked back to this day.