My Perfect Navigator

I figured out how I want the navigator to work :-). In the first tab, I want to be able to show everything. If I create a new tab, I want to be able to selective add items to it. So let’s say I want to work with WebPages wpMembers and wpBooks. I want to open a new tab give it a name (“Creating Books”), go back to first tab, right click on wpMember and choose “Add to tab --> Creating Books”, right click on wpBooks and choose “Add to tab --> Creating Books”.

Alternatively, make the filter “or” items separated by spaces. So I type in “wpMember wpBooks” in filter and just get those. Make the filter area expandable so I can specify a more complicated filter. Maybe I want to involve the BookClub and BookClubMember classes for a short time.

Actually, I don’t care what the specific mechanism is, I just want the Navigator to let me easily group a few specific items I’m working on. That would make it perfect.