My location - Dehydrating in AZ ...

A couple of folks asked about my location -

We jump from wonderful, humid Maui to the desert of North Phoenix, AZ during the year. When we are in Phoenix, I dry out like a raisin.

Today’s humidity level here is 12%. To conuter this, we place open bowls of water in the rooms in the house to push it above 30%. I run a humidifier in my office so my guitars and clarinets don’t dry out.

I wish it didn’t cost so much to ship from Hawaii or I’d just move the business there. But shipping a 100lb server (45Kg) is 8x what it costs from Phoenix.

I’m right there with you. To me, each year seems to be hotter than the previous year. The only things that makes it bearable for me is a cold movie theater…but a cold server room would do the trick as well.

We usually end up in Maui during December which is right around the corner. I hear the waves already.

I got heavy nosebleed in Detroit at 10-15% humidity in winter. But I loved Phoenix in October.

Do water bowls really make a difference? You can’t evaporate water fast with this method.

They do. Because the humidity is so low, the water evaporates pretty quickly - one standard cereal bowl lasts around 8-10 days. They take the interior humidity from a non-humidified 22% up to around 35% in around 2 days - as long as the heat isn’t running over night (it hit 42ºF for the low here last night and is only 46ºF as I write this). My cool mist humidifier in the office keeps that room around 42% on average.

For the rest off the world: 42°F is about 5.5°C.

I just wonder about the percent values. Is it metric (1% = 1/100) or imperial? I guess an imperial % must be 1/144

I live in Prescott AZ and don’t miss the 22 years I spent in 95% humid Houston. No reason to move elsewhere in the summer as we’re at mile high elevation. But it’s actually kinda cold here today.

… and in Pheonix where it can still be 102ºF (39ºC) at 02:00, 42º is cold.