My G3 iMac - can't throw it away

This week I powered up my old G3 iMac.
I’m amazed to see that it powers up pretty much in the same time as my new MBP
I’m saddened to see that after 30 minutes use, I actually prefer the look and feel of OSX 10.3, metal windows and all.

Unfortunately I can’t install a printer driver for my printer, it doesn’t have wireless, and doesn’t play DVDs.
But its so pretty…

That one machine convinced me that Macs were worth developing for.
I really wish I could find a use for it today.

I am exactly in the same predicament with a portable G3 “Wall Street” I have not found in my heart to dispose of for years…

But indeed, the color G3 Acqua are still stunningly cute. Besides, they may very well become a collector item.

I keep around a Cube with 10.4 to be able to test if my apps still work there :slight_smile:

My G4 Dual processor 450 bought in 2000 and running Max OS Tiger is still working.

I’ve got one of these that still worked when I last checked about 3 years ago. Its got a Danish system on it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Macintosh SE

My mother has an iMac G3 “Snow” that should work. No one can throw these things away :wink:

What do you mean find a use?
Use them for classic old games of course!

I have:

  1. Mac Plus (1MB/no HD just Disket) - 1986
  2. PowerMac 9600/300 - 1997
  3. iMac (rev. B) - 1999
  4. PowerMac (Blue/White) G3/233 - 1999
  5. G4 Cube - 2000
  6. iMac G4 (Abajour) - 2003

And I Love All.

Fish tank?

Blasphemy!! :wink:

Motor bike crash helmet?

Albin-- so true! You bring the hot tar, Ill bring the feathers.

Strip a mini down & stick its guts in the Snow
Replacing the CRT with a small LCD panel should leave lots of room
And you should be able to cable things so the dvd works etc

Piggy Bank?

Hmm, I wonder where my iBook Tangerine is…?
It’s actually lost somewhere and I have no idea where :frowning:

Biscuit Barrell?

They do make funky fish tanks - a tradition that continues from the original Mac, Fat Mac (512K) SE and SE/30 lines

Lots of ideas here:

I had a Quadra once. It would have been a great door stop. For a very big door :wink:

I just finished using a G3 Wallstreet (OSX.4) in a project. It worked fine. Network access was all that was required. Ran a RB2012r2 app and never missed a beat. No browser running, just the app.

Now it’s put away and probably won’t be used again. A great computer.

Tony Barry