My First XDC

I want to thank the Xojo Team for a great week.

I didn’t know what to expect, a typical boring dog and pony show followed by uninformative self-serving sessions.
No this wasn’t M$, to my surprise it was more like a family reunion with the likes of Uncle Bob, Aunt Carol, Grandpa Norman and of course the head honcho, Normans younger brother Geoff. Cousin Kem, and distant cousin Christian, many nephews and a few nieces rounded out the mix. With the announcement of next years XDC in Miami, the reunion is set to be even bigger.

Informative sessions throughout the week, followed by great food and conversation.
Watch out for Javier when playing Jenga and a couple ringers throwing bean bags on the corn hole course.

After each long day, I noticed familiar faces in Harrys.

I was lucky enough to have my Son and Grandson meet us out in Denver.
Friday I ventured out to Red Rock with my son and a couple of his local Denver buddies with the hope of getting tickets for the sold-out show.

As the Sun was setting we were lucky enough to get the last ticket online.

If you’re ever back in Denver the RedRock is a great experience

Back to the hotel and sure enough Harrys was rocking with Xojoers

Saturday was Zoo day

After a long day at the Zoo beware of cucumber margaritas, just ask my wife.

Per the feedback session:
In the effort to inspire young developers there is a good chance you will see us all again in Miami

Looking forward to Miami!

One last question of XDC attendeess

Who won Harry’s? I saw many contenders.

Thanks again to all who made XDC 2018 possible.
Hope I didn’t bore you with all the pics.

Tim K

Not me. I am always happy to watch photos from other countries …

Thanks for sharing the photos, Tim! It was great to meet you and your family!

Family reunion is a great way to describe XDC! We only see each other (in most cases) once a year, but always catch up right where we left off. It really is a great vibe! I’m already looking forward to Miami, need to figure out a way to get some more corn hole and giant Jenga for Alyssa and Javier :slight_smile:

See you next time (and don’t forget to register early if you want to save $200!)

Uncle Bob and Aunt Carol. That’s certainly better than being described as the black sheep of the family. Oh wait…maybe we are. :slight_smile:

I love XDC because I get to see everyone again. Some of these folks I’ve known for 15 years and every year I’m always glad to meet new people. So…see you in Miami next year?

XDC weeks were some of my favorite weeks of the year.

it is my favorite vacation week each year. It is always good to see everyone. It is a familt reunion….