My file extension in 2017.1

I have a file type defined as:

Display name : album/db
UTI identifier: public.database
Extensions: .db
UTI type: Imported
Other fields are empty except the icon one.

It worked fine until now but suddenly in Xojo 2017.1 I get following warning in my Save as dialogs while setting the filter to this file type:

Imposible to save this document with extension “.db” at the name end. Extension must be “.(null)”. (Translated from spanish)

Open dialogs doesn’t allow me to select the .db files, they appear grayed. This happens both at compiled app and while debugging.

Same application compiled or debugged with Xojo 2015.4.1 is still fine.
Using Mac OS X 10.12.5

A similar dialog to open or save .jpg files works fine. Therefore it must be related to the definition of my .db files.

Thanks for any help.

“public.database” is a system defined UTI (see

If this is for your app you might want to define an EXPORTED type that wont conflict with an existing UTI (using a unique extension which can be about as long as you want)
I suspect that trying to use a UTI that is already defined to NOT have any extensions (its basically a superclass type) may relate

Norman, thanks for your answer.

It seems a .db file is actually a file instead of database, by changing UTI and Conforms parameters to it works. No matter if declaring Exported or imported.

Not sure why it worked with previous versions of Xojo.

Anyway I’ll retry with new and longer extensions but I think they have to conform to

Public.database is a super type
Its in table 1 row 5

Now the fun part
Uti’s define two possible hierarchies
Somewhere I have an image of all that UTI data which makes these two separate but related hierarchies more visible.

It worked with old versions because old versions used a different mechanism that is no longer supported (supposedly)
And older versions actually did it wrong in some spots so it may have looked like it was working BUT it would actually take over certain UTI’s (this was the case with PDF’s at one time)