my apologies

Has anyone seen any other apps that a similar to this?
This is a text editor designed for iPad only (iPhones are too small), it supports a UX that is more desktop (on purpose), it supports a “real” menu system as show in the image, an enhanced keyboard, word based syntax highlighting, line numbers, ruler. Scrolling and block selecting is done via gestures

  • this is NOT written in “Xojo for iOS” [it has things that Xojo simply cannot do as easily]
  • it is made up of multiple customized controls (especially the keyboard)
  • works (or will) for iPad2, iPad Retina (including Mini) and the new iPad Pro
  • it can use Airprint, Email, or iTunes Filesharing to move documents around (normal UTF-8 format)
  • it does not/will not access documents outside its own sandbox

I have 3 reasons for posting it here :slight_smile:

  • I need to toot my own horn a bit
  • I would like to know if anyone has seen anything that is more similar to this, than to “standard” iPad editors
  • I would like to know if anyone is interested, and/or has any suggestions for “features”
  • again, not written in Xojo, and therefore the source code will not be available, only as a complete finished app

search on the app store for “code editor”
I get a few hundred hits

You’re allowed to release the source of other languages :wink:

sorry… thought there might have been some professional interest…

go ahead and delete this entire topic

No, I’m saying it’s interesting, release it.

I thought your product looked interesting, can I get it for my Android tablet?

Dave, could you repost the image. Can’t see it for some reason.
Haven’t tried it but I’m sure it’s a job well done! :slight_smile:

The image URL is wrong.