Must I name it Column or Field ?

In the documentation, I have trouble to know what name I have to use for the… Column or Field.

For example, I found: “Renaming SQLite Columns” as a page document name.

In the RecordSet page, I have found:

a. FieldCount // ColumnCount ? b. Field("") // Column("") ?) c. IdxField(i) // IdxColumn(i) ?

Due to the use of Column word in Listbox, I never know how to name the contents of a Record (from a RecordSet): Field or Name.

call it what you like… column or field…
but the same token, call them rows or records,
a rose by any other name

RecordSet uses “field”. DatabaseRecord uses “column”. That can be confusing, but it is what it is.

Dave, Tim: thanks.

So, I can confirm: it is a bit confusing. But if everyone is on the same ship it is OK for me.