Music, sound change?

With the new version of Xojo, music and sound doesn’t seem to work anymore. Versions of apps compiled with the older versions, the music works fine. Do I have to change the way I play music and sound with the change to storing stuff in the Resources folder?

What platform? I’m not aware of any changes that are needed, but have you tried removing and re-adding the sounds to see if it makes a difference. I’ve certainly used sounds and several projects with r2 and they are playing as I expect (Win/OSX/Linux).

Tried that, does not work. Same app running in 2015r1, the music and sound play fine (in the IDE). This is in Windows 8.1. Loaded the same app in 2015r2, sound and music do not play. Anyone know what could cause this? Cleared plugin caches, no dice.

I believe i’ve found the issue, and it may be a bug (?). .WAV format sounds work fine, but .MP3 files in 2015r2 just don’t play at all. They work with 2015r1 and 2014r2.1 on my system just fine. Can anyone confirm this?

Can anyone confirm this or should I submit a Feedback case?

Perhaps related to this: <>

Nope, not attempting to Clone anything, just trying to play a MP3 music file. I’ve submitted a case now.

Turns out there was an issue… my first Feedback case. Says it’s been Fixed now… nice!