Music, MIDI, Programming, XOJO and...

It’s pretty clear that there are a few musicians/music aficionados in the XOJO community. Maybe it’s a good idea to out ourselves? I don’t have any particular topic to discuss, other than the idea of a Thread for this particular topic.

I am a musician/educator, and I know that @Ulrich Bogun is another musician. Possibly there are a few more people from Dante’s Infernal Solfege Debate Thread, (aka La Di Dah - Do’h! Re Mi), or anyone at all who wants to join in.

@Massimo Valle
@Michel Bujardet
@Eli Ott
@Robert Steely
@Ruth Millard
@ Other People

My interests: I have been working on software that will play back various musical examples with MIDI. I am not trying to reproduce a Logic or CakeWalk, but to develop my own little engine that can service various applications - educational and analytical mostly - and some algorithmic composition as a secondary pursuit. I have tinkered with coding over the years, but my background is purely music.

Master of Music degree. 35 years as a public school choral teacher. Heavy into MIDI in the 90’s, got away when I discovered programming, but getting back into it with a Yamaha MOXF8 hooked to Cubase. I am interested in this thread.

Hey Roger - good to hear from you.Sounds like we have similar backgrounds.

Are you working on any particular applications? Or any particular interests?

BTW, I am using the MBS Audio/MIDI plug. Sadly for me, my academic duties will keep me very busy till about May so my dev time will be curtailed severely, but I am going to keep plogging on along.

I have not tried mixing my programming and music interests by programming with MIDI, believing it to be decidedly non-trivial. Do you have any Midi apps or are u still at the interest stage?

I don’t have any finished apps, but I am well into the development phase. Sadly though, at the moment development is a sideline as I am teaching full-time and working towards a couple of big performances.

“Decidedly non-trivial” is a good description. :smiley:

Hi Doug,

I was a House Music composer/producer/remixer/live performer for many years - and before getting mainly into library/production music for TV etc. (lots of credits for major BBC series etc etc). Had a spell of ‘proper rock n roll’ when I played in Bjork’s band for a while (you can see me here at the MTV Music Awards very briefly around 4:07 -

I played around with 6502 assembly on a CBM64 when I was a teenager and wrote some magazine-published (ie. listings) music programs (a basic seqeuncer and drum machine - now sadly lost in the mists of time and cardboard boxes full of cheap cassette tape) and have got back into programming through Xojo to create a royalties / data management / audio format converter app for the publishing company I’m now involved in.

Would love to have the time to get into VST plug-in developement but of course that will involve a) learning C++, and b) having some spare time. B never happens so A won’t either for the time being! (The state of my lawn is testament to that)

Nice thread!

Not sure if he’s a musician, but Axel Schneider knows a fair bit about audio formats and has helped me a lot.

Would love to see any of your MIDI examples - haven’t had chance to play around with Xojo and MIDI yet…

Hey Richard - thanks for chiming in.

I am listening to Swag - No Such Thing Sampler as I type. Very nice - that slow start is like that old Ventures tune - SleepWalk.

Yeah! Very impressive stuff you have there, Richard. (And your close-up was good - you were lucky. I played a lot of bass in my early days and was contractually obligated to remain in the shadows. :confused: ) Wow, I would love to have worked with Bjork when I was active playing, that must have been a great gig - very innovative musician that Bjork!

You sound like a “real” coder too. My expertise is definitely on the music side more than the coding side. (Xojo is a great tool for folks like me.) Writing VST plug-ins sounds like a lot of fun, though as you say there that is a very deep rabbit hole to go down. Too deep for me. (I could write a comedy script about my adventures with C in the 1990’s.)

My apps these days are more mundane things like creating interactive drill sheets/quizzes for intervals, chords, rhythms, scales, etc. When I can put then together in a semi presentable form I will post some on DropBox.

BTW- my music in recent years has been mostly in the area of ‘classical’ composition. orchestra piano

So, are you guys writing a Xojo theme song? :wink:

Singst du schon?

I served an apprenticeship as a Master Organ Builder in my long-ago youth. I have the parts for a pipe organ scattered around the house but never time to put it all together. I did build a MIDI pedalboard years ago (see if you’re interested). Performance-wise, I’m probably the world’s worst organist but I do have a massive collection of organ CDs (over 1,000 the last time I counted) as well as other music, mostly classical. As to how I got into computers, well, that’s a very long story.

Singing is not my forte, but I can do the lyrics.

There is an old favourite dwarf song which goes like this:

Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold,
Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold,

I think we could adapt the lyrics quite well:

Xojo, Xojo, Xojo, Xojo,
Xojo, Xojo, Xojo, Xojo, Xojo,

Catchy little number, isn’t it?

My work is done. (Leans back exhausted but content)

I have a music studio for almost 25 years. Released a lot of records on Mineral, Tribal and Growth labels of Frank Dewulf (world famous of the b-sides tracks) and plznetmu.
Mostly techno, drum’n’bass, dubstep,…

But last 15 years music is on very low interest although I bought the new Roland JD-XA for some new inspiration:-)

I used hardware sequencers in the 80 and started to use software sequencers with the Atari ST (Track24, Cubase), Amiga (mostly as a cheap 8bit sampler), PC with Logic and later Mac with Logic and now mainly Ableton Live

About programming:
I occasionally code somthing in Max 7 which is AWESOME. You can make plugins ( fx, synths, controllers, …)
Dont think Xojo can do great stuff for MIDI and audio other then simple things like players etc…

Nice job Markus - you’ve written lyrics that can be sung using a For…Next loop!

Hi Guys,
i was a professional guitarist before i decided to earn some money ;-))
Today i have to drive my company and i only do some projects for my friends and studio jobs.
The latest was in June (see this video if you like).

I’ve no experience how to do MIDI stuff with xojo, but I’m interested in it because i plan to develop a practice app for guitarists with sounds and videos.

@Hans-Jürgen Müller - sounds like a very interesting project. I’d love to see it or plans for it sometime.

@Christoph De Vocht - Your work sounds awesome. I would be curious to hear why you think Xojo is not good for MIDI/Audio other than players? Is it performance/timing issues? I don’t know much about software architecture, but I always assumed that Xojo runs on a layer above the OS and thus will be slower by design.

Max is quite an amazing program to be sure. Is it still owned/administered by IRCAM?

@Peter Rodwell - Your project looks very cool, though I have to admit to knowing little about pipe organs. I do like the image of having many pipes hanging about the house…

It also looks like you have hardware expertise/knowledge too. Sometimes I wonder why I decided to go down this rabbit hole. :confused:

Thought you guys might find this amusing. My dad was a bit of an electronics whizz and gave me this to do as a summer holiday project when I was 13 or so. It’s just a bunch of square wave oscillators each tuned with a screwdriver. The bare transformer always added a touch of excitement to a performance! It sounded awesome run through some guitar pedals and an amp - raw!

I’m sorry, the link to the video was wrong.
This is the right one - if you like to watch a german Singer/Songwriter production ;-))

@Richard Brown
great!!! reminds me to my first try to modify my fathers Hi-Fi-Equipment to plug in my guitar - he wasn’t very amused.

Me, too, I took the french song “Frre Jacques” and created new German lyrics on it:

Soundcloud/Frustriert/Sets/Hallo Mdchen

At the time I created it, I couldn’t resist to create an Instrumental version as well.