multiple windows and menubars

Hi again, much thanks for your responses to previous inquiries. I have been working on a trading system with interactive graphics as the main interface. it consists of multiple windows with a commodity price time series plotted in each. I built this in VB6 several years ago and I want to restructure the object model so I am starting from scratch in Xojo. I have looked summarily at the different options for this structure - a main data window and a new window for each chosen time series - using a tab panel - adding or removing canvases overlaid with transparency settings so that the required chart shows.

I have had difficulty with what appear to be significant limitations with the tab panel approach - I could not make any controls visible at run time on tab panel(1) or greater. I put a button on the second panel at design time and at run time it is not visible. Similarly with the canvas.

I wish to drive the other two options through the MenuBar. I cannot get the menubar to appear at runtime. I have tried everything. I have loaded the examples and in none of them does the menubar appear at runtime - even when one is explicitly there in the code.

Is this a bug? Likely not, but any specific info or general advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, R

The tab panels should work on Windows. What makes layout and structuring so much easier are container controls. One needs to juggle the events a bit. Put your controls on a container and then the container in a tab panel.

Did you assign the menubar to a window?

I doubt any of what you are seeing are bugs. Do you have a sample project you can share?