Multiple window objects and working with their contents

Hey - apologies if i’m either in the wrong place or am asking a question that’s already been answered - searching for anything with “window” in the search usually leads one to things about the ubiquitous Microsoft Product…

Ok - so, simple version here. I have a window, of which multiple instances can be created. I need to change, say, the text color of text areas on all of them.

however, when i try to cycle through all the available windows as such:

dim i as Integer
Dim workingWindow AS Window

//dim isopen as Boolean = false
for i = 0 to WindowCount - 1

if Window(i) isa wndDocument Then
  //isopen = true
  workingWindow = Window(i)
  workingWindow.BackColor = RGB(RGBr(0),RGBr(1),RGBr(2))
  workingWindow.txaTextArea.BackColor = RGB(RGBr(0),RGBr(1),RGBr(2))
  workingWindow.txaTextArea.TextColor = RGB(RGBr(3),RGBr(4),RGBr(5))
end if


“workingWindow.txaTextArea.” somewhat predictably gets an error.
“workingWindow.BackColor” works fine, of course.

How should i do this?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

You need to cast your window:

Dim workingWindow as wndDocument
workingWindow = wndDocument(Window(i))

Brilliant - so simple - thank you very much for the quick reply!

Works perfectly, of course!