Multiple Versions

I will be releasing a new version of a program but I have noticed that my old version is the recognised version by the OS when both new and old versions exist on the the computer.

I tried to make the files saved by the new version the same format (and extension) as the old so the old version could load them but I think that might be where I have created the problem.

Do I have to create a new extension & file type to make the new version the first port of call?

For your own use:
a. Select a file create by your application (specific to your application),
b. cmd-i to Get Info for that file,
c. Click in “Open with” (something that means that)
d. Choose your application in the Popup (or Others…)
e. Click in “Always use this application” (something with this meaning)
d. Click in Select or so…

Ypou’re done.

For your users ?

Hi Emile,
Thanks, I did that while I was creating the update but then I went to an older machine for testing and forgot the old copy was on there and it kept launching the old copy. No problem if there isn’t an elegant solution as I have noticed many updates say to delete the old version before installing the new. I was just wondering if there was an alternative.


If you use an Apple PKG to install,it will find the old one and replace it wherever it is.

On macOS, as long as the bundle Identifier hasn’t changed and the version numbers have increased, launch services should be doing this for you.

The only time I’ve seen it not do this is if the user has specifically told Finder to open files using a specific version of the app.

A reboot may help the process Greg explaine above ?