Multiple Sites on one XC instance

I have been using our regular Web server ( a mac mini at to redirect multiple sites on XojoCloud.

For site 1

For site 2


The problem comes in when I add a hashtag to the URL.

If the user bookmarks that # then the HTML redirect will lose it.

How can I solve this problem?

Whatever system is outputting those meta refresh tags needs to have smarts added to include whatever is passed in along with the App URLs instead of static strings.

If the above are just static files and not an interactive script/app, then you probably want to look up URL re-writing for whatever web server you are using there instead (like apache url rewriting, or nginx url rewriting). That lets you tell the web server a pattern to extract parts of a URL and rewrite/redirect the browser using that (like the #abc123 part in your case).

Maybe some JavaScript like this could work:



But like Travis says, you’ll likely need more code to properly parse out the info you want to pass along.