Multiple sessions from the same browser

Opening several concurrent sessions of my web app in different tabs of the same browser window the app slow downs dramatically and at the 6th tab it cannot even load the login page. While debugging, I point to the… address, but this happens also if I try the same pointing at the server where the app is deployed. And it happens both from my laptop, and from an iMac with very different characteristics.

Is this multiple connection from the same machine something that should not be done? Or do I have to take care of it in my app’s code? I’m asking this because if I get to the web app from different computers at the same time I do not notice any slowdown due to the concurrent sessions (tried up to 10 at the moment).


It’s not a limit in opening several session on one machine but a limit of the memorymanagement of all browsers, especially with Safari this problem shows up with more than 5 sessions. Other browsers can sometimes reach a limit of 8 session, but i haven’t seen one that can handle more than that. The solution is to not open a new session in a new tab but in a new window of that browser or open a / some sessions in another browser.
If you have installed Safari, IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera it’s possible to have more than 30 sessions in tabs and easily 50 or more if you use new windows in the different browsers. Every new window supports again 5 to 6 sessions normally.

Thanks a lot! I was really worried of having screwed up my app until I tried from different computers…