Multiple Report Capability with RowSet replacing RecordSet

I have a window called SampleReports that contains ListOfReportsPopup a PopUpMenu that contains a ‘List of available Reports’, an instance called ReportViewer1 which is a Super of ReportViewer which is a ContainerControl that continues the Previous, Next, Print, and Canvas needed .

On ListOfReportsPopup PopUpMenu the Opening event of this occurs

[code]me.AddRow “Walk List”
me.RowTag(0) = “WalkList”

me.AddRow “Walk List with Linbreaks for Streets”
me.RowTag(1) = “WalkList_with_linebreaks”

me.AddRow “Walk List with checkoff items”
me.RowTag(2) = “WalkList_with_checkoff_items”

me.AddRow “-”

me.AddRow “Lawn Signs”
me.RowTag(4) = “Lawn_Signs”

me.AddRow “Lawn Sign Report”
me.RowTag(5) = “Lawn_Sign_Report”

me.AddRow “-”

me.AddRow “Contributions Report”
me.RowTag(7) = “Contributions_Report”
me.AddRow “Potential Contributions Report”
me.RowTag(8) = “Potential_Contributions_Report”

me.AddRow “-”

me.AddRow “Committee Members by LD”
me.RowTag(10) = “Committee_Members_LD_Streets”

me.AddRow “Committee Members by Election_District”
me.RowTag(11) = “Committee_Members_LD_Streets”

me.AddRow “-”

me.AddRow “Simple Report”
me.RowTag(13) = “Simple_Report”

me.AddRow “-”

me.AddRow “Demographic Questions”
me.RowTag(15) = “Demographic_questions_Report”

me.ListIndex = 0

When the user selects a report from ListOfReportsPopup the SelectionChanged event does the following

ReportViewer1.mCurrentReportType = me.RowTag(me.ListIndex) RunReportButton

and when successful the RunReportButton PushButton becomes enabled and the Pressed event is used to grab the contents of an external db table

rs_global = MyDB.SQLSelect( Global_Query ) // Previously Global_Query was set to the query needed to grab data from an external db table

and place that into a RecordSet rs_global. When the user presses the RunReportButton PushButton this occurs

[code]Dim rsq As New Reports.RecordSetQuery(rs_global)

If rpt.Run( rsq, ps ) Then
If rpt.Document <> Nil Then
ReportViewer1.SetDocument( rpt.Document )
End If

After several attempts to to adjust to RowSet and the new way of running a Report I fail to see how to convert to enable multiple report selection capability or replace RecordSet and utilize RowSet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time