Multiple pages or windows

I wonder how to manage multiple windows, all the same, like you have, for example, in a Filemaker DB.
All windows have the same layout an d the same fields. How do you move from one to the other or create a new one. And, by the same token, how do you save the file with all is windows?
Basically you have page 1, page 2 etc.

Thank you

Do you wish to have the exact same Window open multiple times ? If so simply create as new instance of the same Window and give that instance a different name. They will appear under the Windows menu under their name, this being one way to bring up to front. You may also click one these to make it front window.

When the user is done with one window, he can closes it by using the appropriate button at the top.

Feel free to come back with more questiosn.

Hi Armando, did you try to use ContainerControls?
Once defined you can include and reuse a single one or more of these containers as controls into your windows. Works fine for me …

you can store references into a list.
to make the windows load/save you could give them an interface.

for each w as IWindow in WindowList

Thanks everybody for your help.
I’have had no to try your solutions but I’m going to test them soon.