Multiple Midi Outputs


For a project I need to send audio to 5 different channels. I have a 12 channel audio interface that is working fine. But as far as I know Xojo only supports the general stereo output of the system and not separate audio channels.

So I came up with a workaround. I have logic pro audio running in the background handling the audio. I have 5 software samplers routed to the 5 audio channels and all of these ‘instruments’ are controlled by a different MIDI channel. With my MIDI keyboard I can control them all as I can determine which sampler listens to which MIDI channel.

Is there a way for Xojo to do the same? Or should I keep trying to get my audio interface to work within Xojo? I’m running MacOs Sierra.

Thank you all!!

MBS does all that; maybe Xojo does in some form or you can figure out how to use Declares etc., but I’d never expect Xojo to do such an advanced thing. At least concerning Audio. If Xojo has some built-in function concerning MIDI out, it would surprise me if it handled on channel 1 - that’s not the point of MIDI.

So long long long ago I went to MBS for this, their implementation PortAudio does multiple audio channels very, very well.

What platforms?

MBS Plugins come with mac, win and cross platform classes.


I did some research on the audio part of the setup and instead of using multiple MIDI outputs I’ll use just one and then setup the sampler to output different regions to different audio buses. That works fine, so I’ll just do it like that. Maybe one day I’ll try figuring out how to setup multiple instrument outs in Xojo.

That’s a doable strategy - many musicians do that way anyway, they find it simpler to have the sampler route everything.